Moral Panics (Post 5)

The increase in gay representation may lead to moral panics. How so?

Conservatives fear that the youths might become gay due to the heightened exposure to homosexuals via media. This notion is illustrated by the anchor in the following video. She compares gay on television to product placement of soft drinks.

Biologists suggest that homosexuality is largely due to genetics and social theorists believe that environmental factors are to blame. Even though these studies were inconclusive, there was enough evidence to refute claims that one can be brainwashed into a homosexual by media.

In addition, people may be misled by media into thinking that the HIV/AIDS is caused by and affects only homosexuals. The interviewer below, phrased his question in a manner which imply that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease.

This notion is especially popular in the 1980s. Although it is true that homosexuals made up the 53% of the new cases of HIV/AIDS in the United States in the year 2009, it is not true that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease and homosexuals the cause of this disease. Research has shown that HIV/AIDS originated in Africa and heterosexuals can also contract this disease.

Indeed media have led a skewed perception on the homosexual community. People were misinformed and will conceive high opinionated ideas about the non-heterosexual community. This impacts the public perception of the members of the LGB community negatively.

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