Pop culture (Post 4)

Why are some people gay? It’s because they are born this way.

Lady GaGa Pop Art

This line coined by Lady GaGa in her hit song ‘Born This Way’ has permeated into the minds of listeners. Her songs and fashion sense have propelled her to a pop culture phenomenon.

Popular culture meant commercialised goods enjoyed by the many. Critics felt pop culture simply brainwashes the audience and churn out products that threatens high-cultured art.

It may be true that popular music follow the ‘hit-making’ formula:  catchy tune and lyrics that roll right off your tongue with ease. Some songs may have shallow meanings, while others have deep meanings and important messages in music videos. In terms of artistry, they can be on par with high-cultured pieces.

These songs were created as the anthems for the outcasts. It allows for people to understand the troubles faced by the outcasts and allows outcasts like the LGB memebers to feel hope that someday, things will get better for them.

Furthermore, pop culture creates an environment that is desensitised towards the LGB community. We are conditioned by pop culture to the existence of homosexuals. People are then more open to individuals of different sexual orientations. This creates a community more willing to accept LGBT presence in their community.

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