Social media (Post 3)

If someone posted about your sex life to the public, what would you have done?

The rise of social media has brought bullying to a new platform, the internet. In some ways, cyber-bullying is more harmful than traditional bullying. In the past, harassment by peers will stop once the victims are out of their schools, but now, bullying have invaded the internet and continues to haunt the victims even in their homes. Furthermore, cyber-bullying can be more pervasive since hurtful messages can be replicated and repeated, eventually be seen by millions of internet users across continents.

The video shows how traditional bullying, combined with cyber bullying may push someone over the edge.

The above graph shows that non-heterosexuals are more to cyber-bullying. If these youths cannot seek respite from bullying in their homes, the lack of feelings of security may lead to suicide attempts as research has proven that they are 20% more likely to commit suicide in an undesirable environment.

The dissemination of hateful and false accusations about the LGBT community on social media will not only perpetuate hate, it may also lead to dire consequences.

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